Unique living next to metro station 
and with fantastic view of Prague!



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Pricelist - apartments Atrium Kobylisy






30.3m2 - 131.1m2


1200000 Kč - 12990000
Apartment ID Floor No. of rooms Area** Balcony area Terrace area Garden area Loggia Area COM_IVB_APARTMENT_WINTER_GARDEN_AREA Wellness Datasheet Availability COM_IVB_WHEELCHAIR_ACCESS Orientation Price*
C1-402 4 3 + kk/mezonet 105.3m2 6.5m2 139.88m2     Sold V,J,Z,S
C3-501 5 5+kk 118.6m2 5.86m2 75.24m2     Sold V,J,Z
C3-602 6 4+kk 131.1m2 12.06m2 83.13m2 6.4m2   Sold V,J,Z
D1-401 4 4+kk 118.8m2   83.46m2 2.15m2   Sold V,S,Z
D1-502 5 5+kk 128.4m2 4.43m2 82.61m2 10.31m2   Sold J,V,S

* For each apartment there are dedicated two garages, the price of a garages is NOT included in the purchase price of apartment. The purchase price of the one garage from 330 000, -  CZK without VAT.

** Area is defined by law (calculated according to the methodology of the new Civil Code), ie. floor space units = floor area of all rooms of the apartment, including ground area of vertical bearing and non-bearing structures of apartment.

Apartments with area over 120 m2 are charged with VAT at 21%.